Jay’s Transportation Group Years of Service Awards

Jay’s Transportation Group has built a great reputation by providing excellent customer service to our steadily growing customer base.

We believe that our employees are our greatest asset and that much of our success can be directly attributed to the knowledge, experience, and commitment of our valued employees.The commemorative pin is our way of expressing our appreciation for our staff’s dedication and loyalty.

Pins and cheques are given after five completed years of service and every five consecutive years following. Cheques total $100 for each year with Jay’s Transportation Group.


Years of Service Awards for 2016


30 Year Pin

Brent Krochak  Irene Gray of Jay's Transportation Group Head Office    


20 Year Pin

Terry Bonogofski



15 Year Pin

Carol Rohatyn      


10 Year Pin

BrianZurowski   Laurie Langmo  
 Dale Jackson

   Chris Arno  
 Mike Kingston   Crystal Magnus  
 Cathy Kautzman   Joseph Redlich  
Kristin Heidt   Brian Webb  
Donna Diduck   Lorraine Carmody  


5 Year Pin

Romeo Monette   Ron Van Hook  
Kyle Kulcsar   Ken Pascal  
Darius Rhodes   Ralph Smith  
Brenda Thompson   Tyler Young  
Brent Gudbranson   Riley Neighbour  
 Deanna Taylor    Scott Spearman  
 Randy Friesen    Sabrina McKenzie  
 Darrell Goebel    Sheldon Black  
 Michael Moffatt    Angela Scott  
 Chad Allen    Shawn Worthen  
 James Sansom  

 Todd Paulsen  
Mike Paulsen   Korla Pfrimmer  
Yancy Vanghel   Dave Markowsky  
Megan Sandaluk   Nancy Simpson  
Vanessa Wilson      




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