Jay’s 21st Annual Telemiracle Golf Classic 2012

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Jay’s 21st Annual Golf Classic in support of Kinsmen Telemiracle raised almost $116,000.00 in 2012. This brings our grand total to more than $878,000.00 raised for Telemiracle since the tournament’s inception in 1992. We would like to thank our many sponsors, prize donators, the many hardworking volunteers and those who participated in the tournament.

Congratulations to the following winners!

Attendance Draw:
WINNER: Gary Stevenson


50/50 Draw:
WINNER: Ken Stotz, Dave Chuckrowski, Henry Desjarlais, Nelson Kingston

1st Place:
WINNER: Kevin Taylor, Terry Mayer, David Dueck, Mike Ryan,
PRESENTED BY: Geoff Wiebe, Steve Hernaczky


2nd Place:
WINNER: Mike Darling, Dwayne Porter, Geoff Wiebe, Todd Yuzdepski


3rd Place:
WINNER: Brad Zdunich, Jody Bercheid, Brian Schmidt, Rob Letts


Most Honest Team:
WINNER: Aadon Fieger, Peter Fieger, Pauline Relkey, Randy Fichter


Chipping Contest:
WINNER: Tar Ziola
PRESENTED BY: Peter Fieger


Closest to the Line:                                          Closest to the Line:
WINNER: Landry Veitch,                                     WINNER: Lillian Schweitzer

ClosestToTheLine                      ClosestToTheLine

Ladies Longest Drive:                                     Men’s Longest Drive:
WINNER: Lillian Schweitzer                               WINNER: Darren Schikowski

Lady'sLongestDrive                                  Men'sLongestDrive

Closest to Goofy:                                             Closest to the Pin:
WINNER: Frank Dryka                                       WINNER: Dan Tooth

ClosestToGoofy                                 ClosestToThePin

Draws for 3 Prize Packages:

#1 His/Hers:                                        #2 Back Yard Leisure Package:            #3 Tool Package:
WINNER: Shaun Lavadiere                    WINNER: Carmen Hiebert                       WINNER: Ryan Giles

His/HersPrizePackage                      BackyardLeisurePackage                      Tool Package


Attendance Draws
50/50 Draw
Best Team Score
Try Your Luck
Draw Prize Packages

6th Hole Watering Station

Chipping Contest

Terry Bonogofski and Paul Perry 2011

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