SmartWay Transport Partnership

Jay’s Transportation Group is pleased to announce that we have joined the SmartWay Transport Partnership, a collaboration designed to help transportation businesses better manage logistics in an environmentally responsible manner.

Established in the US in 2004, Smartway expanded into Canada in 2012. The partnership now stands at over 3000 members who are encouraged to reduce emissions and improve fuel savings by incorporating new technologies and strategies including:

·         Reducing idling time

·         Investing in fuel efficient tires and tire inflation systems

·         Acquiring wind deflection equipment to reduce aerodynamic drag on vehicles

·         Using speed governors, and

·         Employing hybrid powertrain systems, where feasible

Jay’s Group intends to use the partnership to benchmark ourselves against others in the transportation industry so that we may continually make improvements to our operations that will reduce our environmental impact.

With these transportation industry comparisons, we can learn from those whose environmental performance is superior to ours and provide an example to those who are not doing as well. Over time, we will all improve and everyone will benefit.





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